Hello, I’m Liv.

Check out my Instagram Colour_Create where I post lots of pictures of the things I make, create and draw.
I also help my friend, TrashyYoongi, write and upload stories on Wattpad.

I have created this blog to help both me and you. I find that writing things for other people helps me learn better, and with my GCSEs just around the corner, I thought creating a blog would be a great idea. And an added bonus is that people can benefit from my learning too!
But don’t worry, it won’t all be boring studying and revision, I have a few ideas up my sleeve.

I can also help with personal problems. If you’re worried about school, college, tests, GCSEs, homework, revision and the like, just contact me and I will give you the best help and advice that I can! Or maybe you just want a chat, I don’t mind. Get in contact with me : )