50 Great Study Music Tracks

I don’t know about you, but I hate sitting in silence. Unfortunately, I can’t simply sit and work outside and listen to the bird songs without the noisy drone of traffic and siblings, so I have to stick with my music. I have collected 50 of the music tracks that best help me to concentrate – whether it’s for homework and revision or simply tidying my room.

I often find that I can listen to music in other languages when I need to stay focused as I don’t feel the constant urge to sing along when they play. For this reason, I have included some Japanese and Korean music in the lists but I will put a * beside them so you can decide for yourself whether to check them out.

To make it easy to suit your preferences, the first twenty songs have no lyrics and the next thirty do. I have also highlighted my personal favourites in pink, I suggest you to those even if you don’t try any of the others!

No lyrics

  1. Evening Mantra ~ Wilma Harrods
  2. Leaves ~ Hermann
  3. London Eye ~ Grant Huny
  4. Hers ~ The Arcadian Wild
  5. Undertale ~ Toby Fox
  6. X-Files Love Theme ~ Luc Serra
  7. Children Ambient Mix ~ Echoteque
  8. Intro ~ Black Elk
  9. Cattleya ~ Harry Evans
  10. Immortal ~ Sofia’s Choice
  11. Ambre ~ Nils Frahm
  12. Felt ~ Hugar
  13. Inside The Forrest ~ Youlu
  14. At Night – Oscar Sundberg
  15. Looking For More – Alan Ellis
  16. Red Dawn ~ Enzo
  17. Depths of the Soul ~ Ambient Forest
  18. A Silver Lining ~ They Dream By Day
  19. Landscapes Below ~ Floating Lights
  20. Mellow Ambience ~ Thomas L. Parker


  1. Perfect ~ Ed Sheeran
  2. Clair De Lune ~ Flight Facilities
  3. Take Me To Church ~ Sofia Karlberg
  4. Feel Real ~ Deptford Goth
  5. Growing Pains ~ Birdy
  6. *First Love ~ BTS
  7. *Miracle ~ Illion
  8. Livewire ~ Oh Wonder
  9. Stand By Me ~ Ben E. King
  10. A Drop In The Ocean ~ Ron Pope
  11. *Awake ~ BTS
  12. Tenerife Sea ~ Ed Sheeran
  13. Try ~ Sam Tsui
  14. Crave You ~ Giselle
  15. Bloodsport ~ Raleigh Ritchie
  16. I’m Here – Rosemary & Garlic
  17. Lost Boy ~ Ruth.B
  18. Stitches ~ William Singe
  19. Drive ~ Oh Wonder
  20. Exorcism ~ Clarity
  21. Wild Horses ~ Birdy
  22. Silhouette ~ Aquilo
  23. I Was A Cloud ~ Shearwater
  24. Bitter Sweet Symphony ~ The Verve
  25. Afire Love ~ Ed Sheeran
  26. *Spring Day ~ BTS
  27. Running With The Wolves ~ AURORA
  28. Let It Go ~ Sofia Karlberg
  29. Magnets ~ Disclosure
  30. *Butterfly ~ BTS


I hope that you like some of these and they help you with your studying! If you have any other great song suggestions, feel free to let me and everyone else know down in the comments! And don’t forget to follow for more!


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