Biology ~ Homeostasis

Homoeostasis – The body’s automatic control system. A thrilling subject, I know. I had a test on this topic yesterday and it dawned on me how little I actually know about it. So, if you’re just looking for some revision or are having a biology meltdown, delve into this post and learn something new.


  • An automatic control system involving nerves and hormones.
  • Maintaining a stable format within your body (keeping things balanced).
  • It happens because the conditions inside your body need to stay consistent, even if external things change.
  • Without it, your body wouldn’t be able to function.


Your body needs to balance:

1. Water levels
2. Glucose (sugar) levels
3. Temperature
4. Iron content
5. Salt content



  • Chemical messengers that travel around the body in the bloodstream.
  • They have a slower response than the nervous system.
  • Hormones are produced by your glands.



  • Sensors that send impulses to either the brain or the spinal chord.
  • Receptors detect stimuli (changes).
  • Effectors produce a response to the stimuli (changes).
  • Variables are factors that can be changed by the effector.
  • The coordination centre receives the information from the nerves and chooses a response – The brain, spinal chord or pancreas.


Hopefully this has taught you something and made the subject easier to get your head around – it certainly helped me!
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